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Bush similar to DIN 1850 J (DIN 4379 C) sintered bronze borehole 25mm outer diameter 30mm length 20mm

Self lubricating, oil coated, pressed ready-to-install and 1) kalibrated. After press-fitting them into a rigid bearing housing with a mounting hole H7, these bearings have a bore of H7.Edges chamfered at 45°, at choice of the manufacturer.The concentricity tolerance refers to d2.1) no statement regarding the surface roughness according to DIN 3141 (prenorm) can be given due to the porous structure of the sintered metal. Technical Data: Surface pressure: max. 35 N/mm˛, depending on speed and diameter.Tolerances: Inner diameter F7 / G7.Outer diameter s7.Length +/-0.1mm.
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Identificare 62335800
Rajz letöltése CAD
d1[mm] 25
d2[mm] 30
b1[mm] 20
Greutate[g] 28,94